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Want to move to Canada as a permanent resident? Perhaps to join the family? The permanent residence application process is daunting! Mistakes, omissions or even failure to meet all application requirements can be very costly and can result in outright denial. We can help you transition seamlessly!

Start by taking this eligibility assessment. IT’S FREE!

This form is for preliminary assessment of individuals looking to immigrate to Canada as Permanent Residents in any of the different economic class programs, (including all categories of Express Entry – FSW & FST), Provincial Nominee Programs, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Rural & Northern Immigration, Federal Self-Employed, Family Sponsorship and Canadian Experience Class Programs. This assessment is FREE!

Free Permanent Residence Assessment Form
Have you ever previously submitted an Express Entry profile to Citizenship and Immigration Canada? *
Have you ever taken the IELTS exam? *
Have you ever worked in Canada in a skilled or unskilled occupation for at least one year? *
Do you, or your spouse/common-law partner, have a written job offer from a Canadian employer? *
Do you, or your spouse/common-law partner, have any family members, relatives, or close friends living in Canada? *
Does your spouse/common-law partner have a job offer in Canada? *

Frequently Asked Questions

Live, Work and Study in Canada: Who Are We?

StudentExchange.Africa is owned and operated by Odyssey Africa, and not a governmental agency. We are the #1 solution for student advisory, placement and permanent residence services for immigration to Canada. Our goal is to help our clients make their dream of living in Canada a reality! We work hard to help students, families in Kenya immigrate and start a new life in Canada, starting with eligibility assessments, application documentation and meeting all necessary requirements, through to the actual submission of applications. We do all the heavy lifting for you to maximize your chances of success. We are here for you!

Why Should I Work With You?

Simple, we want you to succeed! And this is our pledge of service to you if you are willing to walk the entire journey with us. Working with us means that your immigration to Canada will be made easier, seamless. We offer a premium and valuable service for students and families just like you and yours and we have learnt to navigate through the comprehensive, complex, and lengthy application processes.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive assessments to help you to not only determine exactly what your best options are towards your goals but to initially determine whether or not you qualify so that you don’t needlessly incur costs towards an impossible objective. If you are eligible our team will walk you through the process and work with you end-to-end, or as you determine where your best interests shall be served.

In short, we offer trustworthy guidance and support while endeavouring as much as possible to clarify, streamline and simplify the placement and immigration processes. We simply provide the best, unmatched, most cost-effective solution available for you to immigrate to Canada. Trust us to get the job done!

Should I Use A Service Like Yours? Why?

You’re under no compulsion to use a service like ours. The service(s) we provide are advisory in nature and by their very nature therefore their use is optional. The reason you might very well consider using our service(s) is simply because of the convoluted nature of the immigration application process, the dynamism of the visa application programs, and the increasingly difficult rules and regulations around eligibility and qualification to apply under the nearly 80 categories of programs.

Also, we have painstakingly built the partnerships, practice and experience that qualifies us to offer these services over a long period of time – time which as an applicant you might not have, or which may cost an arm and a leg to build. Plus, we speak your language and we can appropriately empathise with your reasons for making the choice to immigrate.

The decision to do the application by yourself, or to use the assistance of any of the myriad service providers is entirely yours. However, to be successful at this endeavour, it is critical to manage the processes that lead up to an application, the documentation and everything in between the decision to apply and the actual submission in the right manner. Our goal is to reduce the frustrations that will inevitably result due to the complex nature of the processes or from the failure that could result due to needless mistakes along the way. Our clients are generally happy to escape the frustrations of dealing with the documentation and representations to be made in support of an application, the technicalities of complex rules and regulations and all the attendant challenges of going through the process. We can help you navigate the littlest of details that would thwart your attempt to immigrate to Canada and work with you confidentially around any issues that would limit your ability to access the opportunity – in the process saving you both time and money.

We firmly believe in strong working relationships with our partners and clients. 

What Benefits Would I Derive From Using Your Service

You can benefit from our services in several important ways:

  • Affordability: pay on-demand (as-you-go), not everything in advance
  • Eligibility & Comprehensive Assessments: We help you find the best fit customized on the basis of your personal profile
  • Personalized Service: We only offer personalized service, not a one-size-fits-all solution. This includes documentation and even assistance with financial support requirements.

In addition, once you are subscribed, we offer free customer education online forums with open Q&A sessions and excellent customer service. In short, we want to make the process of university placements and permanent residence to Canada easier, more accessible and even more affordable by helping individuals and families navigate the process as seamlessly as possible!

Client Testimonials

We appreciate all your feedback!

I must appreciate your help in assisting my daughter to achieve her dreams of studying at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and giving her all the correct information to ensure she successfully applied for her degree course and made it through the study permit application. I truly have to say, you guys were indeed God-sent! I am a happy father because I see a better future for my daughter!

Parent, Sonia Kibe

BSc. Computer Programming, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, NAIT

My sister and I were quite pleasantly surprised at how professionally and efficiently you guys handled us. David you are a true gem and a great source of information.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Himali Shah

University of Alberta, CANADA

It’s been a journey to get to the point where my family and I are now relocating to Canada. Despite the testy moments when we got so frustrated with the sluggish pace of things, you guys encouraged us to press forward. I honestly didn’t think we would succeed. In hindsight, the best decision we made was to work with you guys; we simply couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this endeavour. I can’t bless you enough for getting us through, and for bearing with us! If you’re ever visiting Canada, please put us down as your friends!

Sam and Winnie

"Latest Immigrants", Canada

Work and Study in Canada

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