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Lower Barriers To Entry

The AIPP Advantage

#1. AIPP is Employment-Driven, Not Points-Based!

While the majority of immigration pathways are points-based and driven by CRS scores, the AIP pathway is employment-driven, allowing a much broader spectrum of applicants to secure employment via designated employers in the Atlantic Provinces to fill vacancies that they may not be able to fill locally.

#2. Significantly Lower IELTS Scores Accepted!

Have challenges communicating in English or French? While the IELTS test is still a mandatory requirement to apply for the AIP pathway, the core requirements for all levels of the test are significantly lower than for other pathways including the Express Entry route.

Test Reading Writing Listening Speaking
IELTS–General 3.5 4.0 4.5 4.0

#3. Significantly Lower Proof of Financial Support!

While applicants will still need to demonstrate proof of financial support, the level of proof is significantly lower, at approximately 25% of that required for the EE pathways!

#4. Reduced Minimum Educational Requirements!

Join the AIPP with as little as just a high school education. Yes, it is possible! The AIP pathway mirrors the Express Entry route with 3 comparable pathways similar to those in Express Entry but with significantly reduced educational requirements.

#5. Support For Relocation & Settlement Provided!

Unlike other pathways, the burden of providing proof of your settlement and integration plans is placed on the designated employers who are required to demonstrate how their new hires and their families shall be settled into the jobs for which they have been recruited.

#6. No Labour Market Impact Assessment Required!

While applicants via other pathways (EE, PNP and more) are required to go through and submit labour market impact assessments and their associated reports, AIPP does not impose this requirement on the applicant making the process shorter and a lot less complex!

#7. Decent Living Standards, Lower Cost of Living!

The Atlantic provinces (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick) offer competitive labour rates of pay with a decent standard of living. The real attraction is the significantly lower cost of living than in the more urban provinces and bigger cities, allowing job seekers an ideal point of entry into the Canadian labour market

What The Webcast Will Cover

An Introduction to Student Exchange Africa

We’re happy to share our journey with you and why we made the decision to work with families looking to immigrate abroad to find greener pastures and build their lives and careers in foreign lands! 

The AIP Pathway and How You Can Leverage The Opportunity

Learn more about AIPP and how you can use the opportunity to great effect to immigrate to Canada.

Free Resources You Need To Secure EMPLOYMENT IN CANADA

We will be sharing loads of resources that you can use to find jobs in Canda, ranging from resources on how to build the perfect résumé, the jobs and bulletin boards you must subscribe to find work in Canda and the full lists of designated employers who can potentially give you a job in Canada, as well how you can access a complete database of designated employers currently hiring for positions in Canada.

Roadmap To Guarantee You GET A JOB OFFER IN UNDER 90 DAYS!

What do you need to do to ensure you will get a job in 90 days or less? We’re going to show you step-by-step approaches to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING  AND ‘GET IT DONE’.

We shall also provide  answers to the question: What are the simple things you can do to strengthen your application and ensure that you can secure your permanent residence within the shortest time possible

The Top Reasons Why Your Application May Get Rejected

What are the main reasons for which applications for which your application would get rejected, and why? Far too many applicants fail in their application for all manner of reasons and in the webcast, we will delve into the whys and wherefores and the inherent reasons how and why applicants trip up themselves in 

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