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Fees Set To Go Up By 50% On Permanent Residence Applications

Canadian Immigration, specifically for some of the immigration programs is set to cost more as application processing fees go up effective from April 30, 2020. 

Canadian Immigration: Updated Fees Structure (CND)

This is the first increase of its kind since 2002 and is attributed to an inflationary adjustment in the cost of service delivery. This change only affects application received after this date, while applications that were registered prior to this will still be processed under the old fee structure.

Principal applicants applying to economic classes of immigration, like Express Entry, will see the application fees increase from $550 to $825, while the right of permanent resident fee will increase from $490 to $500 with the exception of the Caregivers Program which will stay at the current rate.

Similarly, fees for spouses or common-law partners of all economic classes of immigration will go up from $550 to $825, while the permanent residence processing fees for dependent children will also go up from $150 to $225. The implication for a family of five (including three children and both parents), for example, is that the fees will jump from $2530 to $3325.

For other permanent residence categories including self-employed, start-up visa, Quebec investor, Quebec entrepreneur, and Quebec self-employed, applicants will now be required to fork over $1,575, an increase of $525.

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Fee increases will now also be planned ahead with additional fee increases scheduled for 2022. These are to be determined on the basis of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Canada.

These changes were ostensibly made to keep up with the rising cost of providing services to potential newcomers to Canada and address what is thought to be a significant imbalance between the fees paid by them for immigration to that country in comparison to the actual costs and which resulted in an inordinately higher burden to the country’s taxpayers who were seen to be heavily subsidizing the process.

Official Notice of Fees Increments

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