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With 642K+ International Students in 2019, Canada Ranks 3rd In Attracting Foreign Students.

By innovating and providing quality, affordable, world-class education, Canada has more than doubled new student enrolments in under 5 years from just 219K+ students in 2015, to 442k+ students in 2019. This trend is set to continue in the years ahead. Why should you be looking to Canada to improve your career prospects? Here are 7 good reasons why!

New Study Permit Holders in 2019

RANK Canada – Study permit holders by country of citizenship. SOURCE: IRCC TOTAL
1 India 139,160
2 China, People’s Republic of 84,530
3 Korea, Republic of 17,030
4 France 14,590
5 Vietnam 11,655
6 Brazil 10,250
7 Iran 9,740
8 Nigeria 7,565
9 United States of America 6,770
10 Japan 6,675
11 Philippines 6,350
12 Mexico 6,270
13 Bangladesh 4,985
14 Colombia 4,465
15 Taiwan 3,470
16 Turkey 3,260
17 Morocco 3,075
18 Algeria 2,650
19 Hong Kong SAR 2,500
20 Germany 2,275

7 Good Reasons To Study in Canada

As a prefered destination for tertiary-level study, Canada now ranks 3rd worldwide behind USA and Australia which occupy the first two positions respectively. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data, Canada’s official authority on immigration, the international student population grew by little over 13 per cent in 2019 from 2018 adding an additional 402K+ international students in a single year! To what can this phenomenal growth be attributed? Here are 7 Good Reasons To Study in Canada:

#1. Quality, Affordable Education

Compared to other popular destinations for furthering education abroad, Canada has become a top contender because not only does it offer a comparatively more affordable education, it is also providing this at a much more affordable cost. Noticeably, the countries that top the list of student permit entries also tend to have a strong bias and culture towards high standards of education. The affordability element naturally lends itself to attracting a much more diverse student population and this leads us to the next big factor!

#2. Dynamic Learning Environment

In the age of multi-culturalism and increased labour mobility, Canada offers a great blend of educational opportunities within an increasingly multi-cultural environment. This is one of the key attractions because in today’s labour markets, demonstrating the skills and ability to required to communicate, engage and interact across cultural divides and in diverse working environments is becoming increasingly vital to career development and growth. 

#3. Globally-Recognized, World-Class Education

The assurance of a globally-recognized education is one of the biggest attractions of Canada’s education system. In particular, because the Canadian educational system has adopted highly innovative and versatile approaches to learning, including the use of cutting-edge technology and digital media and because it encourages multi-disciplinary studies, alongside the development of transferable skills including cross-cultural communication skills development, critical thinking, multi-cultural teams and development of communication skills, international students are assured that their college or university diploma will be recognized anywhere in the world. The guarantee of a world-class education has given Canada a distinct edge and made it a global leader in international education.

#4. Work While Studying and Gain Work Experience in Canada On Completion of Studies

A study permit is usually valid for the length of your study program, plus an extra 90 days- which lets you prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay. The Canadian Study Permit (CSP) also allows international students to work a maximum of up to 20 hours per week. While the benefit doesn’t allow students to earn sufficient funds to support their education, the opportunity to work allows them to build work ethic, network and create industrial relations that could potentially enable them to gain work experience in Canada upon completion of their studies. The Canadian government also offers work programs to international students who have obtained a post-secondary school diploma/degree in Canada and are keen to gain exposure to Canada’s labour market enabling international students to continue to live in Canada while gaining work experience and developing transferrable professional skills. The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) is for international students who study in Canada for a study program that’s between 8 months to less than two years. This gives such students, eligibility to work for the duration of their study program. Those studying in a program that is longer than two years may qualify for a three-year work permit. To be eligible for the PGWP, students must generally maintain full-time student status and ensure compliance with any off-campus work restrictions. The ability to work post-completion of studies is a major attraction for international students.

#5. Safety & Security

Regarded as one of the safest destinations in the world, Canada’s cities and neighbourhoods have some of the lowest crime rates. There is a high level of social trust within the society with a healthy perception of the police and the criminal and justice systems in the country. Systems for social services including administration, health care, utilities, transport and education function well with high standards maintained across the board. Emergency services are efficient and highly responsive with the integration of modern technology incorporated into their dispensation. Obviously, it is inescapable that precautions will have to be taken for individual personal safety and the security but the country has fared well in reducing systemic risks to safety and security.

#6. Bilingual, Rich Cultural Experience

Another major attraction to studying in Canada is that the society is bilingual, with almost the entire population capable of speaking in English and French. Studying here offers international students the perfect opportunity to develop your language skills and boost their career prospects. Coursework is offered in both French and English as an integral component of the educational system, offering international students a rich cultural and community experience as they go through their studies. Canada is also known to be a hub for international cultural events. Irrespective of where international students are placed, they are likely to interact with students from other parts of the world and this will enrich their cultural experiences. Exposure to such a diversity of language and culture cannot be gainsaid in terms of the impact on career development and opportunity for the future.

Canada’s Immigration Policy and Stance Post-COVID 19

7 Good Reasons To Study in Canada: Would you like to find out what options you have for Studying in Canada? Well, we can help you there. Book your free preliminary consultation and one of our team members will contact you to explore the possibilities!

#7. An Excellent Quality of Life

Quality of life metrics measures the level of satisfaction derived from the living standards in a country. These include issues such as housing, healthcare, income and wealth levels, availability of jobs and job security, community and social connections, life expectancy, environmental quality, civic engagement, personal security and safety, work-life balance, education and skills and many more. These factors are usually analyzed together to develop a quality of life index against which the comparative standard of living is measured between different countries. While many of these factors may be subjective, the majority can be measured with sound data. Canada ranks very favourably on this index and in fact tops the list on many of the individual criteria. This is one of the key drivers in attracting not just international students but also influencing decisions on where to work and live (immigration). In particular, Canada tops on criteria such as health care and well being. The country ranks competitively at the top on factors such as income levels and on most of the social indexes. The promise of a high quality of life makes Canada a highly attractive proposition for international students.

There are more than 7 Good Reasons To Study in Canada. Besides the promise of an affordable, world-class education with several distinct advantages that set it apart from other popular destinations for international students, the country’s open and transparent immigration policies, coupled with a high quality of life index attracts many students who take the opportunity to study in Canada as their initial step to eventually gaining permanent resident status, and thereafter to gain Canadian citizenship. The emerging technology boom in the country and the adoption of these technologies in modern society are another great appeal factor that Canada holds.

By attracting a diverse student population, Canada is able to offer a rich and diverse educational background, creating a melting pot for a dynamic learning environment.

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